The DIY Staging Consultation


I offer a DIY staging consultation for people who are thinking about selling their home and aren’t sure where to start the process.  I help you determine what needs to be done to your house to be competitive with the others for sale in the village.  You will have all the information you need to go forward using my practical home staging resources.

In addition to the items listed below, the benefit to this consultation is that it gives you total control of the project. Why is this important you may ask? You are not rushed and you proactively make YOUR “selling” team.  No imposed deadlines to meet and no corners to cut makes the process much less stressful. You do-it-yourself and save money and thanks to this consultation, you are armed with the information and a plan to make your biggest investment very competitive with others in the marketplace. This maximizes your profit.  Don’t leave your money in your house for someone else, take it with you!

The two hour on-site DIY consultation, will help you:

  1. learn what potential buyers will think about your home
  2. know what your competitors are doing; prior to the consultation I will research area homes for sale to determine features to aid in establishing a competitive standard
  3. know what you need to do to your house from my full home evaluation, which includes
    1. colour consultation,
    2. furniture placement,
    3. room function suggestions,
    4. traffic flow improvements,
    5. sketches of vignettes,
    6. floor plan sketches,
    7. focal point creation,
    8. redesign opportunities,
    9. improvements to presentation, and
    10. showcasing details specifically for your home and existing furnishings.
  4. understand the evaluation findings through a full briefing with me at the end of the consultation
  5. address any “pop up” issues by asking questions and receive answers for up to 2 months after listing your house for sale
  6. understand staging techniques from hands on demonstrations applicable to your home’s presentation for potential buyers
  7. plan your DIY home staging preparations using a fully written report prepared by The Stittsville Stager detailing action items
  8. prioritize and plan the work to carry out DIY recommendations
  9. be organized with easy to follow written checklists
  10. reduce stress using best practices
  11. choose movers and resources to help you with moving and packing
  12. show your house successfully using “best practices” and key presentation queues
  13. prepare for a successful open house
  14. learn what buyers want
  15. find what works and what is working against your goal to sell
  16. determine who your buyer will be and how to attract them
  17. choose your team a photographer, appraiser and inspector and what you need to look for and why
  18. choose a realtor or whether you can or should do a “FSBO”, for sale by owner
  19. review assessment results with client, provide a professionally prepared report for you to use as a guide for DIY action
  20. be prepared with a professionally prepared leave-behind kit full of resources to make the next steps easier and motivating.

I am a certified stager and local business owner since 2009, ethically-bound, RESAPRO member who meets professional standard through staging industry education. I have been a project manager for over 30 years and my unique value for dollar staging service is key to my continued success.  I am an elected director of the Ottawa Chapter of the Real Estate Staging Association and have held that position since 2010.

Book your DIY staging consultation by emailing me at or calling 613-862-7585. All questions welcome. Other services available.

Kim Dingwall
The Stittsville Stager
Refined Rooms