Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog. I am a certified Real Estate Stager and communications professional.  I am also a mother, wife, and sister.  I love houses.  Always have.  I am thrilled to have a career so closely associated with this passion of mine.  I chose to make this career a reality and have many people to thank for this, mostly my husband.  Friends and family have been very supportive and continue to inspire me.

I sometimes think that I had to make a company to rationalize my passion for collecting furnishings and accessories and justify why I keep buying them.  It is all legitimate now.  Right? I think so.  It works for me.  My company, Refined Rooms has been around since 2009.

I will ramble about my passions here.  It won’t only be about staging but about house stuff. I think House Home Haven is an appropriate name for this blog.

I will learn about blogging and wordpress as I go and hope to make it nicer looking than it is right now.  I maintain my Refined Rooms website and rely on my insanely talented son for graphic support and web design.  It will take time to get this blog the way I like it.  I will move things around and create new parts much like I do when I am staging and decorating.  It is fun and the result can be spectacular and very rewarding.  Thanks for reading.  Comments always welcome, sharing is encouraged!  Now, how do I put those sharing links in?

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