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The Stittsville Stager, Kim Dingwall, Refined Rooms Home Staging and Get ReFurnished Furniture RentalWe bought our house, made it home and it has become our haven.  I live outside Ottawa, Ontario, Canada’s capital city which is also known as The Best Place to Live in Canada, according to all of us living here and for several years, MoneySense Magazine agrees and told the world. I am Kim Dingwall, The Stittsville Stager. I moved to Stittsville in 1972. I have been in and around the village since then.  As The Stittsville Stager, I wear that name proudly. I love to stage and decorate Stittsville homes. After all, I have been doing so since 1972!

I love everything related to houses, except cleaning some things.  I am a DIYer. I never have enough time or money. A Scorpian.  A transplanted bluenoser, Mom and wife.  I take inspiration from all kinds of things and people.  An optimist. Have integrity. I love to make things beautiful and redecorate a room in my mind when I walk in it.

I am a communications professional.  I am a real estate stager. Maybe I should change the order of those.  These details are found on my LinkedIn page www.linkedin.com/kimdingwall.  I run my own home staging and decorating business, Refined Rooms and its web presence is here:  www.refinedrooms.ca and here on Facebook: www.facebook.com/refined.rooms.   This is where my blog resides too: www.refinedrooms.ca/blog.

I tweet www.twitter.com/@kimrefinedrooms and get lost on pinterest (www.pinterest.com/kimrefinedrooms).

I own and operate Get ReFurnished Incorporated, www.getrefurnished.ca, a furniture rental business for stagers, home sellers and real estate agents in the Ottawa area.  I tweet www.twitter.com/@getrefurnished and post on www.facebook.com/getrefurnished too.

I sit on the Board of Directors of the Real Estate Staging Association’s Ottawa Chapter as Vice President of Membership and lead their communications and marketing efforts. I tweet for them too: http://www.twitter.com/@resastagersyow. The best stagers in Ottawa are listed here: www.resaottawa.org and we welcome likes on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/RESAottawa.

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