What does your online listing say about your house?

Ninety-nine per cent of all consumers begin their home shopping online. It is fair to say that online presence is paramount to push those potential buyers to want to see the property you are selling. I’d say as important as the curb appeal if not more. So what does the online presence have to convey to get people to want to see the property? The message to convey is “you need this place, its going to improve your life”. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful house do this. Get the professional photographer and stager into that house to create that magic that will lure in those online buyers. You need both stager and photographer as neither can unilaterally create the refined appearance for online shoppers. Let’s not forget those magazine photo shoots of rooms and of food.  Both the stylist and the photographer create the desire and have the skill to draw in the consumer.

Let’s not forget that the text in your listing materials must be enticing to the potential buyer. They need to know what it is about the house that makes it a “must see”. What is special about it? Using the punchy, action-packed words encourage excitement and desirability for buyers. Bad grammar and lacklustre descriptions are not encouraging and may disappoint potential buyers. Use all the character space you have available to explain why the house is a must see. Spelling mistakes are big turn-offs and also a reflection of the agent’s attention to detail.

The message here is to stage your online presence. Bump it up and command attention! Future home sellers will feel the added value when you tell them how you will create interest and market their biggest investment for success. In addition to the complimentary staging consultation, tech saavy Ottawans will welcome your value here too. Tell them why you stand out from the others. Show them.

Refined Rooms

Styling a room makes the image come alive for potential buyers looking online



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